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Intermediate I Band & Orchestra
July 3-16, 2022 ~ 2 weeks
Grades 6-9
Price $1,450-$1650

Intermediate II Band & Orchestra
July 31-August 13, 2022 ~ 2 weeks
Grades 6-9 
Price $1,450-$1650

Intermediate Session’s musical focus is on standard orchestral and symphonic band repertoire with time devoted to chamber ensembles. The repertoire consists of music typical for skilled middle school or middle school aged honor groups. Campers should expect to rehearse 4 hours a day plus any additional time they choose to devote to individual practice.  


Other than rehearsal, all camp and dorm activities are supervised by a live-in staff of college-aged counselors at a ratio of 1 to 10. Our counselors are trained to recognize and be sensitive to homesickness and other social situations, as well as assist in creating friendships. They provide supervision, entertainment, friendship, guidance, musical coaching, and much more.


In addition to counselors, we have an on campus adult staff consisting of 7-15 people who assist in supervision.


Objectives for all Arrowbear sessions include:

-Preparing an impressive final concert that involves the whole camp.

-Ending the session with all camp participants knowing, respecting, and supporting each other.


Our methods to reach these goals incorporate:

-An age appropriate session structure.

-Filling our non-musical time with interactive group experiences to help widespread bonding of campers.

-Intercepting ridicule.

-Activities designed to build acceptance and affectionate regard where no one is left out.  

-Supporting the entire camp session becoming friends.

-Encouraging stewardship of our natural surroundings.

2021 Music Staff 

Intermediate Orchestra:

Shelly Burger

Green Valley High School Henderson, NV

Charles Cushinery

Clark HS, Las Vegas NV


Intermediate Band:

Craig Mckenzie

San José State University, CA

Mike Martinez

Kent Middle School, CA

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