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At Arrowbear we are proud to offer summer camp programs for young people who love to make music. We focus on creating a healthy, fun atmosphere for those who want to come to the mountains and make music with others. Much of our time at camp is spent outdoors under a canopy of oak and pine near large granite rock outcroppings.


We are located between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear in the San Bernardino Mountains. Our property consists of 101 forested acres adjacent to a national forest with our main facilities sitting on 5 of these acres at 6,350’.


Full group rehearsals take place in canvas-covered cement amphitheaters. Other facilities include a dining hall, administration building ("O" building), first aid building, swimming pool, arts and crafts building, rehearsal areas, and several other general-purpose areas/buildings.


The separate sleeping areas each consist of barrack style dorms with bathrooms. For larger sessions, we set up additional sleeping areas in tent cabins. The closeness and arrangement of the living quarters adds to the "one big family" group experience. The wood exteriors blend with the beautiful rustic setting of the woods and the rock outcropping terrain of the area.

General Camp Information 
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