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Choral 2023

Grades 9-College
Sunday, June 18-Saturday June 24- 7 days
25% off through June 10th

Choral Session’s main focus is full choir preparation of standard classical large ensemble pieces with original instrumental accompaniment. Other topics covered include instruction in vocal production, music theory and performance practice, contemporary a cappella, and vocal jazz.


Our music staff is made up of professional performers and educators.


Dorms are supervised by 1-2 live-in adult staff members for each sleeping area and all other camp activities are supervised by additional staff at a ratio of 1 to 12.

Campers are involved with activity leadership and planning.


Objectives for all Arrowbear sessions include:

-Preparing an impressive final concert that involves the whole camp.

-Ending the session with all camp participants knowing, respecting, and supporting each other.


Our methods to reach these goals incorporate:

-An age appropriate session structure.

-Filling our non-musical time with interactive group experiences to help widespread bonding of campers.

-Intercepting ridicule.

-Activities designed to build acceptance and affectionate regard where no one is left out.  

-Supporting the entire camp session becoming friends.

-Encouraging stewardship of our natural surroundings.

2023 Choral Music Staff 

Tammi Alderman 

Director of Choral/Vocal Music-San Marino High School, CA. 

Eric Graham 

Choral Director, Marina High School, Huntington Beach, CA

Stacey Kikkawa

Choral/Vocal Music Program at Beverly Hills High School, CA

Alex Koppel

Kirby School, CA

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