2021 Summer Camp Details Coming Soon! 



      We are an intimate summer music camp located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. 

Founded in 1942, we serve families from Southern California and the surrounding areas.   

      Our programs include orchestra, band, choral, jazz and chamber music with campers ranging from ages eight to early college. 

      We blend the camaraderie of a traditional sleep away camp environment with inspiring musical instruction. 


2020 Summer Dates  

Jazz Improv Session: June 13-20

Choral Session: June 21-27

1st Intermediate Session: June 28-July 11

Advanced Session: July 12-25 

2nd Intermediate Session: July 26-August 8 

Elementary Session: August 9-13

Pre-Intermediate: August 9-15

P.O. Box 180 Running Springs, CA 92382 
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