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Thank you all for your patience! We really appreciate it.

These last two weeks have been dedicated to our community to make sure everyone is safe. We are getting back to work and very excited to prep for summer camp Please help spread the word.

-There is still a lot of community work to be done on the mountain. If you are local and able, check community pages for volunteer needs. If you have friends on the mountain, check in with them. And absolutely please check in with your neighbors! The mountain appreciates tourists holding off on visiting while everyone digs out and resets.-

2023 Enrollment Now Open!
Please see Session Info for prices & discounts


      We are an intimate summer music camp located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. 

Founded in 1942, we serve families from Southern California and the surrounding areas.   

      Our programs include orchestra, band, choral, jazz and chamber music with campers ranging from ages eight to early college. 

      We blend the camaraderie of a traditional sleep away camp environment with inspiring musical instruction. 

2023 Camp Dates:

Elementary 1 / June 15-17 / ages 9-12
Choral / June 18-24 / grades 9-college
Jazz Improv / June 25-July 1 / grades 9-college
Intermediate 1 / July 2-15 / grades 6-9
Advanced / July 16-29 / grades 9-college
Intermediate 2 / July 30-August 12 / grades 6-9

Pre-Intermediate / August 13-19 / grades 6-8
Elementary 2 / August 13-16 
/ ages 9-12

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